D Notation is a music notation app for writing and learning  





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What users say about D Notation


It’s actually super intuitive

Really easy to type one note after another quickly

Easy to add and delete notes without knowing much about music

This is a very nice platform for sketching out musical ideas




D Notation is supported by outstanding musicians


Eduard Artemyev

Film composer / Electronic pioneer. People’s Artist of Russia

For the very first time, there’s an effective app for children’s music education.


Leonid Desyatnikov


The average high-school student could easily master this tool – in fact anybody who wants to write music!


Alexander Radvilovich

Composer, Professor, St. Petersburg’s Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory

Initial reports show the app’s great potential. I am sure demand will grow rapidly.


Vladimir Ryabenko

Chief Sound director at Mariinsky theatre

Having tested the app, I clearly see:
1. Simplicity and logical completeness of music typing;
2. High typing speed;
3. Freedom from more complicated programs like Finale or Sibelius.
Just practice for two minutes––and you’ll find that writing music is just like writing a letter. I’ve no doubt there will be considerable demand for D Notation.




Winner of the Competition of Innovations in Education
(Higher School of Economics, Moscow 2017)


Graduate of MIT Global Startup Labs
(ITMO University, St. Petersburg 2017)


Supported by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises