Easy writing,

effective learning

d notation is a Mobile Music Notebook that allows you type music fast and learn music notes – as you write!

d notation app

The Bayadzhan-Ruditsa Keyboard

d notation app is based on a genuinely unique invention - The Musical Notation Keyboard by Andrey Bayadzhan and Roman Ruditsa

d notation is supported by outstanding musicians

Eduard Artemyev

Film composer / Electronic pioneer. People's Artist of Russia

For the very first time, there’s an effective app for children’s music education

Leonid Desyatnikov


The average high-school student could easily master this tool – in fact anybody who wants to write music!

Alexander Radvilovich

composer, Professor, St. Petersburg’s Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory

Initial reports show the app’s great potential. I am sure demand will grow rapidly.

Vladimir Ryabenko

Chief Sound director at Mariinsky theatre

Having tested the app, I clearly see:
1. Simplicity and logical completeness of music typing;
2. High typing speed;
3. Freedom from more complicated programs like Finale or Sibelius.
Just practice for two minutes––and you’ll find that writing music is just like writing a letter. I’ve no doubt there will be considerable demand for d notation

of Competition of Innovations in Education
(Higher School of Economics, Moscow 2017)

of MIT Global Startup Labs
(ITMO University, St. Petersburg 2017)

d notation is supported by
the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises
(Bortnik Fund)